Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Life Just Ain't The Same

Wrote a alil sum, for the first time in two months...
Got a sad face on. Don't feel the same when I'm not in the groove. In fact, it feels alot like that scene from Mo' Betta' Blues when Bleek's lips are all fucked up so he can't play his trumpet. He just lays there for months, lookin like Howard Hughes, butt-naked and locked in his film room. Okay...It's NO WHERE NEAR that bugged but truth be told I've got the blues. Folks ask me, "well why can't you just do something yourself?". WELL, because the MC needs the beat. I mean, I could write a'capella till my fingers whittle down to nubs and it still wouldn't be enough. To make a complete song; to truly create a piece of music, a writer

Makes me wanna get Fruity Loops and start playin around with it. Matter of fact...that's just what I'll do! 

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