Tuesday, June 30, 2009


He had a way of waking the dead. The earth would rumbled and people would scream from the intensity. He was gorgeous! I remember watching the "Beat It" video at five years old, wishing he was my boyfriend. He was such a sensitive and complex person, who showed us how one could affect billions, and his spirit will continue to dance in our hearts. I wanted to throw up some of my most favorite pieces of video from Moonwalker as well as some insightful interview footage. Moonwalker was my whole childhood! Some of the highlights for me were moments like when my boo "Jimmy Bean" from Polly played the kid version of Michael in the remake of the Bad video or the end when Mike turns into that iron, Negro Autobot and blows Joe Pesci away with his supersonic adlibs. But one of the coldest scenes was when Mike turns into that bunny, Spike, and has a dance off with him in the middle of the desert. Off stage, he had an innocence and joy about him. His voice was very childlike but his thoughts and discipline displayed just how enlightened he truly was. I could go on... but I say all this to show how much I feel for Michael and the legacy he has left behind. Mike revolutionized the game and evolved our understanding and appreciation for the art form. He was truly, Magic.

Timeless, Magical, and Everlasting. Where ever your soul rests, may you rest in eternal peace.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Attorney Street Press Interview: Part 2

The beautiful Janine Simon did an interview with me for Attorney Street and I loved her questions so much I wanted to throw some extra questions up too. Peep this question featured on the Attorney Street site along with these exclusive questions for mine!
Attorney Street Press: Nikki NTU

AS: Are you Haitian? As I can see you and your work is influenced by the Haitian voodou spirit of Ezili Dantò. The first track is an ode to her and you have a tattoo of her veve (sacred symbol) on your chest.

No, I am not Haitian. But I would say that I have a deep connection to “circles”, chanting, and mysticism. I got the tattoo a full year before I even knew who Ezili was. I researched Mary, Mother of Jesus and came across the famous image of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. I thought the symbolism was so “me” that I got the piece shortly after. A year later, I was on the phone with my boy (MEGA) and he told me I had a bluish light about me, that reminded him of his mom whom voodou priestesses said, had an aura of Ezili. I quickly researched Ezili and up pops her symbol; my tat. It was a chilling sign.

Part 2

AS: Your EP artfully executes your history of dreams, now, what is the future of your dreams?

The future would be performing, traveling, activism and organizing, and doing the album process all over again. We’ve been done with the EP for a while and my heart and mind has slightly wondered off into the next sound. But for now, I’d like to stay in the present for a moment and enjoy it.

AS: Decorated author Edwidge Danticat has stated that writing for her is a ritual of sorts. When she writes she lights candles and she writes best at night when she feels the spirits of her characters roam freely. With that being said, what are some of your writing rituals?

My writing tendencies are pretty sporadic. I’d say I need a clear space to silence my thoughts enough to write them down. And since I’m all over the place in the house I find myself sitting outside more and writing on nice days. Nature is a real help, the breeze swirling around as you try to grab an idea out of the sky, the stillness… are all conducive to my process. At night though, I like to leave my book by me. At times I’d wake up in the middle of the night with no real understanding of what I’m doing and write things I have no knowledge of. It became such a routine I’d write in my head and wake up with a whole text to research and write about.

AS: Are you often caught gazing at the Moon? (Most women I know are, lol)

I’d say the moon captivates me, but I had a habit of starring at the sun for a while. The sun amazes me. I can’t believe that I can feel the direct affects of something so far away… like hands reaching out to me. The moon is beautiful the way it illuminates in the dark, round, and dew like, but I know where the light comes from.

AS: Looking back on the young girl that you once were. What words would you have for her?

“Worry less!” I always worried about the future and in the end the worrying wasn’t what got me closer to my goals. In fact it could have jeopardized some of them. Dealing with stress when you are SO passionate about things is a constant lesson.

AS: Also, Looking forward to the woman you will become in the distant future, what words would you extend to her?

“Don’t work too hard!” Ha! Just wanna say that to myself now ‘cause I’m bound to forget it later.

AS: If you were able to be apart of any past era, generation or movement what would it be? (Ex: Harlem Renaissance, Civil Rights etc.)

I’d have to say I would have liked to be a part of the abolitionists, pre-emancipation. Tubman was a baaaaad bitch! The famous story of her putting the shot gun to anyone who wanted to go back…man! She was that down!

AS: In knowing that with the power of words your voice can be used as a weapon, what weapon would you use to represent your voice?

I think a fist would represent my voice the best. Not as in, “fight the power” but because sometimes I get so mad I wanna punch somebody in the face, lol!

AS: How does love affect your life and work? Self-love, love of family and friends etc. How does this phenomenon paint the melodies of your music?

It’s a huge part of why I make the kind of music I make. I feel like love is a great desire of us all. My music is an outlet for me when my pride and ego get in the way. There I can admit anything because music is an extension of that love.

AS: Just like works of art, children are created and molded but also malleable. And like art, children are not only created for artists to keep but to present to the world. What are your beliefs of the role that arts have on the development of young people?

I feel every child is an artist because of their natural ability to express so freely. When children are given different disciplines by which they can express their feelings they grow and become masters of not only that craft but of themselves. To be equipped with that kind of power and ability is freeing. As a teaching artist I have a deep commitment to assisting young artists in their path towards self-mastery.

AS: What do you learn most from teaching/mentoring/work-shopping young people? What techniques do you find most effective?

I’ve learned that there are many ways to see one thing. They have such fresh eyes. At times they can see things in such a light it makes you see in a completely different way. Even when they are being crass they can make it so plain.

AS: Across the span of your educational experience, what do you think teachers did best? What could they have improved on?

Wow, the greatest teachers I’ve been blessed to learn from have put their personality and passion into their lessons. They weren’t just “teachers”; they showed they were humans by expressing themselves. Kids connect to that. I think teachers who connect with the kids will always have more of a positive affect on them than the teachers who act like it means nothing to them.

visit Attorneyst.com for the full interview and more.
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Monday, June 22, 2009

VONY SPEAKS! Youth Media/Art Conference and Benefit JUNE 27TH @92Y Tribeca

Voices of New York's mission is to provide mentors and media/arts programs that offer creative expression outlets to build positive critical thinking and confidence for the youth within underserved communities, as well as offer services and educational resources to parents and educators looking to improve their communication and interactions with the youth.Voices of New York's mission is to provide mentors and media/arts programs that offer creative expression outlets to build positive critical thinking and confidence for the youth within underserved communities, as well as offer services and educational resources to parents and educators looking to improve their communication and interactions with the youth.
The Dare to Dream Project and Voices of New York (VONY) present the 1st Annual Voices of New York Speak! Youth Media/Arts Conference and Benefit, on Saturday, June 27th, 2009 at the 92Y Tribeca. The day event, the first conference of its kind in New York City, will gather educators and alert, parents, creative professionals and experts, to the growing potential of media and creative arts in the classroom and the community. A schedule of panels, workshops, film screenings, art exhibitions and a keynote speaker will engage participants in dialog about the best practices and future possibilities of an interconnected classroom and community. These conversations will serve educators actively looking to integrate new technologies such as YouTube and social networking into their classrooms and offer communities after school programs and workshops that increase social communication and influence youth empowerment. Our evening program/benefit concert hosted by, Laura Dee will feature special performances by cutting edge artist 88-keys, soul singer Jesse Boykins III, songstress Honey Larochelle and renowned music recording artist BILAL.
Conference 2pm-7pm: FREE (w/ suggested donation)
Benefit Concert starts @ 8pm:($22 advance, $25 at door)

More info & tix go to: www.vonyspeak-conference.org


* All proceeds will benefit providing the youth with workshops and programs that will offer creative expression outlets using multimedia and creative arts. These tools will be an opportunity for the youth to become empowered and develop creative thinking skills as well as build confidence and focus!*

Thursday, June 18, 2009

MeLo-X: Cargo London Show, Video Flyer

London, get ready!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Happy Belated King: Tupac

I been slackin' on my posts but I HAD to throw this joint up. Pac was a major revolutionary force and we young ones study his teachings to the fullest. He was truly our King and our struggles, personified.

Monday, June 15, 2009

TRACE: Black Girls Rule! 2009


It's that time again ladies! The new Black Girls Rule Issue featuring Arlenis Sosa will be available for purchase and download early July! To download the latest issue and get your daily taste of Trace, visit their blog HERE. Shout outs to the lovely Ms. Sigourney!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Voices of New York Speak! Youth/Media & Arts Conference and Benefit

The Conference: I'll be in the spot, leading a workshop and/or speaking as a panelist. Expect great art, great panels, programs, speakers, and more!
June 27th, at the 92nd Y Tribeca
200 Hudson Street
FREE w/ $20 suggested donation
The Benefit Concert: I'm calling all teaching artists and community oriented artists to come and show your support. Expect an amazing line-up; Honey LaRochelle, Jesse Boykins III, 88 Keys, and Bilal. Special guest DJ spinning all night for a great cause!
After the Conference,
Doors open @ 7PM
Performance starts @ 8PM
$22 Advanced/$25 at the Door
Hosted by Laura Dee

Monday, June 8, 2009

KING TEXAS :: Queen Nikki NTU's Album Release Party X C'est Noir



I want to thank everyone for coming through to the release party with C'est Noir. Shout outs to Bonnie Danger, Jasmine Solano, and Boogie Blind for throwin down! Special thanx to Encore for his surprise lil set. Also, thanx to my fellow artists, Quan Luv and the ALIEN family, Tigga Calore, Raye 6, Mickey Factz, Rob Roy, Marty McFly, Keith Selby, Rip, Ninjasonik, Kswift, Rephstar & PattyDukes, King Texas, and Lichiban for coming through and showin love. A BIG thanx to Boys+Clothes, Sigourney and TRACE, and the guys from Pardon Me Duke for supporting heavy! Also, my Nightlife Socialites Purp, Freddy, and Kalyn. If I didn't get to mention you or see you know I really appreciated your presence. Thank you to everyone for the love and positive energy. Photos courtesy of King Texas, up soon!

In the words of the great Ms. Calore,  it was indeed "Legendary"

"A History of Dreams"
Nikki NTU prod. by MeLo-X

I will be performing... sooner than you think ;) Check for it.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I want to start off by saying THANK YOU to everyone for supporting! New York has definitely held me down but I'm pleased at the international response from cats out in Japan, Germany, London, India, South America, etc. Really, the love goes along way. FINALLY, I can present to you for your downloading pleasure, "A History of Dreams" produced my the multi-talented, extraordinary, out of this world, Afro-tastic, Malcolm Melo Mustafa X! We put ourselves into this so we hope you enjoy. Feel the synergy, groove to the rhythms, mash out to the rhymes, and dream away!

We'll be @ Red Bamboo tonight for the listening session but TOMORROW, WEDNESDAY JUNE 3RD, come party with the GODS & GODDESSES @ C'est Noir, Happy Ending! Imma have all my BFFs in the building and my ALIEN boys showin out. Treats by Carters Cakes and Catering with photography shot by King Texas!