Tuesday, June 30, 2009


He had a way of waking the dead. The earth would rumbled and people would scream from the intensity. He was gorgeous! I remember watching the "Beat It" video at five years old, wishing he was my boyfriend. He was such a sensitive and complex person, who showed us how one could affect billions, and his spirit will continue to dance in our hearts. I wanted to throw up some of my most favorite pieces of video from Moonwalker as well as some insightful interview footage. Moonwalker was my whole childhood! Some of the highlights for me were moments like when my boo "Jimmy Bean" from Polly played the kid version of Michael in the remake of the Bad video or the end when Mike turns into that iron, Negro Autobot and blows Joe Pesci away with his supersonic adlibs. But one of the coldest scenes was when Mike turns into that bunny, Spike, and has a dance off with him in the middle of the desert. Off stage, he had an innocence and joy about him. His voice was very childlike but his thoughts and discipline displayed just how enlightened he truly was. I could go on... but I say all this to show how much I feel for Michael and the legacy he has left behind. Mike revolutionized the game and evolved our understanding and appreciation for the art form. He was truly, Magic.

Timeless, Magical, and Everlasting. Where ever your soul rests, may you rest in eternal peace.

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Ms. Susy-O' Herself said...

Wow you touched it! Love the interviews...thanks for this contribution!