Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Dear '08

I been through it all this year. Went from being overwhelmingly depressed to floating on air. Been caught up in dramatics while trying to gain knowledge. Screaming no more drama and running 10,000 miles away to be alone for a whole season. I'm not ashamed to say that I've come along way...but I've got so much further to go! Shout outs to '08 and all the wonderful people I call Fam.

Thanks to Jennifer for holdin' me down! You my nigga and you ain't even black. Thank you Melo! You're like the brother I've always wanted. We make magic and you don't know how much that means to me (well...you do, lol). Swami G better known as Megatron! You know you're my ace! Chi Lite representers! When I was far away and alone with nothing but my ipod and a saari on, your jokes kept me smiling...kept me movin. Shameem, you're like my long lost sister. At times we communicate without even speaking. I'm proud to be a part of your life! Mom! You know you my homie. People stay wondering why I talk to you and treat you the way I do. I tell them, "Because she's not just my mom...she's my best friend". Britt, I can always count on you to make me laugh. I'm the corniest person alive and yet you think I'm the funniest. Chabbs, Marie, Krystal, and anyone else I left out! Claude! My son! I want you all to myself! I love you guys. No matter who comes in and out, this is Home Base!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Life Lessons

Some basics I follow that help me get through the rough times. lol!

Lesson #1

Don't ever argue with an older black woman... She's got that 'Mother of the Earth' shit in her DNA B! You can't win! If all else fails, smile and nod.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Ma'at Asks

Have you found joy in your life?
Has your life brought joy to others?

Saturday, December 27, 2008


If you haven't seen this amazing documentary please watch it. Produced by Richard Pryer, the piece documents the Stax Music Festival of 1972, celebrating the life of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the riots in Watts that followed after his assassination.

I mean...when was the last time you saw some shit like this? This peaceful? This poppin?! Probably the 70's. Damn you Reagan!

Slum Dog

Go see it! And support Indian tourism! Mumbai is aching right now. People are crazy hungry.

Love y'all man. Keep strong.

Sweet Ass Water Balls!

Always loosing my gages, so Jenn & I headed down to Dare Devil's on Ludlow and Houston for some much needed gagerie. I picked out an awesome pair of blue glass balls! Sweet! lol.

Great Life Lessons

From Fraggle Rock

Too true my son, too true.

Christmas: In Black & White


Friday, December 26, 2008

Wish List Revisited: Holiday Edition

Nikon on deck, lol! But my mom really surprised me with a present I asked for for YEARS ago! AfricanAncestry is a company that traces their client's DNA to identify their maternal or paternal roots. The service gives you a generational run down and provides you with the geographical location of where your ancestors came from, in respects to the DNA of the natives in that country today. Might be a complete waste...we'll see.
Regardless of what the results are...I'm still me. All the same I hope it's something crazy...like ancient Eskimos.

Good shit.

Thursday, December 25, 2008


Why? Because I had nothing else to do on Christmas Eve except set up an account. I think, a good enough reason as any.


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Being Bourdain

If you've never heard of him or his show No Reservations then you are truly missing out. Who knew you could get paid to travel around the world, meet great people, and eat everything in sight?! Somehow Bourdain figured out that mixing his writing, refined palette, and love for travel would make for great television, video blog style.

From India to Ireland, Bangkok to Brazil, Anthony takes viewers on a cultural ride through countless cities, both popular and remote, highlighting great food in unexpected spots. With so many friends all over the world Bourdain always has a friend to show him the ropes on a crazy local level!

He eats an obscene amount of pork, drinks like a fish, and has the sense of humor similar to that of Harvey Pekar...and how I love it! Bourdain, you are an inspiration to chefs, travelers, jet-setters, artists, and moochers alike. Gluttony has never been so rewarding!

He even has time to take pot shots at Zimmern (no pun intended)

Check the clip: Anthony Bourdain in Rajasthan, India (cribz style, lol!)

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Chuck Berry Is Rock 'N' Roll

Just saw Mos Def as Chuck Berry in Cadillac Records. He didn't have too many scenes but he did a great job! So in honor of his performance here's a bit of rare footage from the late 1950's when Chuck just put out Little Sweet 16. Then the Beach Boys stole it and turned it into Surfing USA.
You know how that goes... 

Evolution Revolution

With the new year approaching I've started doing some research on the year's projection and what the following years have in store. I pretty much blew past '09 and went to the new decade. This following passage was written by Bill Streett for AstrologyForTheSoul.com

The Awakening of the Indigo Children

A particularly creative, self-determining, and restless bunch of children were born in the last several years of the twentieth century. Known by various metaphysicians, healers, and educators as “Indigo Children” (for their high vibration like the color indigo they purportedly carry in their personality), this generation is supposedly gifted in their intuitive and creative capacities while having a difficult time submitting to traditions and authorities.

Many of these Indigo Children will be coming of age just as the Saturn, Uranus, Pluto T-Square aligns. What is most fascinating about this is that the T-Square alignment will be lining up with the Uranus-Neptune conjunction that these children were born under. The high amounts of creativity, imagination, intuition, and rebelliousness that these children display are certainly attributes of the Uranus-Neptune combination. With the Saturn, Uranus, Pluto T-Square aligning over the Uranus-Neptune conjunction these children were born under, the creativity, sensitivity, and rebelliousness should be activated in all its potential glory. In particular, children born between 1988 and 1992 will be most sensitive and susceptible to the potency of the alignments in and around 2010.

Certainly, this generation will begin to make their mark right at this time and the creativity and rebelliousness these indigo children showed in their early childhood should begin to fully develop. Extraordinary gifts of intuition, insight, and inspired imagination should begin to fully materialize from these children around the 2010 alignment. Specifically, we should witness highly imaginative and brilliant work in music, film, and literature; rebelliousness in traditional academic institutions; a more refined environmental ethic; and gifts in healing, intuition, and religious matters. If we look to the members of the generation born under the last previous Uranus-Neptune conjunction—far back in the 1810’s and 1820’s—we witness luminaries in spirituality, literature, and radical politics: Karl Marx, Mary Baker Eddy, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Herman Melville, and Bahá'u'lláh (founder of the Baha’i faith). Members of the generation of the last Uranus-Neptune conjunction should certainly produce contributions as powerful as their predecessors, and the T-Square alignment of 2010 should catalyze their creative and intuitive powers.

Better get your capes ready.


He's been featured on the Futurama Mixtape, dropped his own project, and even been endorsed by Weezy (though Wayne jumps on any and everything to begin with)...Dare I say it?! I think I'm feeling Drake! I mean, for a teen actor who got his start on Degrassi the guy really surprised me with his skill level. It damn sure ain't no Mos, but it ain't bad for what it is. Drake, I here by give to a bit of props my nigga. Do you...Just don't make me regret it. I'm always looking for another Nick Cannon to shit on.

Friday, December 19, 2008


Word to Ms. Jackson

Here's to fulfilled wishes and Jet Set dreams!

God Is Good

Came across him on a "boy friendly" site and I had to put him up.
Rubin Singleton's a singer (I use the term singer very lightly) and one hell of a model! Enjoy!

P.S. I've added him to my Wish List, lol. over and out

It's Snowing!

And I'm inside taking some very overdue steps toward my goals!


Thursday, December 18, 2008

Didn't Take Pix

Lichi's exhibit was great! A lot of heads came out to Yume Saturday to see all the hard work Lichiban put in. And it payed off. It was amazing! If you missed the event and wanna peep the artwork or inquire about purchasing a piece click on the link above.

We also roled through to Theo & Jesse's gig last night. A great show by the amazing Jesse Boykins III and an always interesting performance by Theophilus London. Also on deck was the one and only Melo-X and Mel D. Cole of Village Slum on photography. Shout outs to THATKIDTEXAS too!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

House of Ninja

Serving it Ninja style, lol! WORK IT BITCH!!!!

It's all in good fun.

Mustafa's Renaissance!!!!!!

Download It: Melo-X Mustafa's Renaissance

Monday, December 15, 2008


I just LOVE Pucca! It's the cutest lil' cartoon out. And they always have special episodes that have me rollin. There's truth in jest!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Even the Master Teachers are buggin!

Another one bites the dust... Fuck it.

Swami G, you just crushed my whole shit. ( lol)

Friday, December 12, 2008

Champagne + Shots...

=        THAT!
Shout outs to my peoples for giving me great opportunities to embarrass yall! HA!


Word to Sam


I've been getting concerned phone calls from people about what's been happening in Mumbai these couple of weeks. As you can see I've made it out! The attacks happened a little under two weeks from me leaving Mumbai. I have frequented several spots where the terrorists opened fire and all though I don't know of anyone being in the attacks my heart goes out to all the tourists and locals who were victims of this disgusting feud. Also shout out to Bavna and Tulsi, friends of the family, who are grieving. They had my back in Mumbai and my heart goes out to them.  
Click the link for more info on The Mumbai Terror Attacks

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Drop Dead Fred!

When I was a kid I loved some of the oddest stuff! I just had to share one of the best kids movies of all time because it hardly ever gets burn. There's just something about a grown woman and her imaginary friend complex that makes me jump for joy.

Knight & Day

Finally watched Dark Knight lastnight and it changed my world. The moral parallels a lot of themes I've been dealing with about what is good, bad, or beyond both. Felt like I got the 'golden ticket'! So now that I do, I'm passing go on all this b.s.

The real hero is an ordinary person. He's Clark Kent in the newsroom. She's the mother we under appreciate. They are the children who just wanna play outside. I'm done talking about powers and supernatural capabilities. I'm tired of being another crazy artist. It shouldn't be an excuse for being self-absorbed, inconsistent, narcissistic, and insane. How dare we look at these mainstream cats and accuse them of half the things they do when we turn around and do the same stuff. And just because we are 'conscious' doesn't mean we are aware or truly care for others. I'd trade in my last chi ball if it came between me and my niggaz. And if that means I'm no longer one of the 144,000 (lol) then I'll just have to find my bliss here on Earth. F' knowledge! 
All I need is laughter!

The real power is inner alchemy.

Monday, December 8, 2008

So For Xmas...

I've tamed my spoiled ways and opted to focus on loving what I already have! So having said that...I've got a short list of a few things I DON'T HAVE (but secretly desire) :D

Nikon Digital SLR
Digital Voice Recorder
Digital Camcorder
Quilting Deco Wedges
Nintendo Wii
Gift certificate for a much needed massage
A one way ticket to some place remote

Just a few suggestions (wink wink)

They Call Him Mustafa

Album releases Dec. 16th!!!! SO EXCITED!

Lichi's Love Exibit

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

YUME GALLERY * 925 Bergen St, bw. Franklin & Classon (C to Franklin)
13 December, 2008 8pm-12am
ON VIEW: December 13, 2008 – January 9, 2008 FREE ADMISSION

“The Adventures of LOTUSHEART”
with a special guest appearance by cosmic lover, HARAKITI

an art exhibit by

featuring collaborations with fellow ninjas:
Quan Luv * Diamond Girl * Jelsen Jargon * Mega * Pesu * Sarah White * Concep

“The Buddha Dharma is nowhere remote. It is close to us, in our hearts. Suchness is nowhere external. If not within our bodies, where can it be found?”
- Secret Key to the Heart Sutra by Kukai, Founder of Japanese Shingon Buddhism

Meet shapeshifter LOTUSHEART and become part of her journey to discover the Hidden Flower guarded carefully by the Challenger. On her magical journey, she encounters new, as well as old friends such as HARAKITI, who help her to visualize the glowing blossom of the Flower.

“This show is the fruit of numerous all-night-till-the-sun-rise painting sessions of the last two months, many of them spent with fellow artists who labored with me, kept me inspired and helped me to sharpen my vision. Taking the Japanese samurai and ninja tradition as a visual reference, I have tried to illustrate a number of spiritual concepts I have been meditating on for years and place them in a dreamlike setting of love and chivalry. I also wanted to make this solo show into an opportunity to honor my friends -my Brooklyn fam- by inviting them to be part of this fantasy heartland of lovers and secret monk-warriors that we created as we were preparing for the show.” Lichiban


playing unreleased tracks of the Brooklyn fam
Nikki Ntu * Raye 6 * Rucyl * Sarah White* Dhundee * Theophilus London * Waajeed/PPP* Kon & Amir * Melo-X * Jesse Boykins III * Kiva * Print

Featuring limited edition tea-dyed LICHIBAN x THE BROOKLYN TEE PARTY S
+special guest appearance by CRAZY 88s skate crew

Supported by: A.L.I.E.N,YUME, Format Magazine , Audio Aesthetics, Shadowplastic, The Brooklyn Tee Party, Good Sex, WRONGLIPS, Fusicology, The Minority Report, Coup d’Etat BK, Old Soulz, Voodoo Ray, Charles Antony of Hustlemode, Sugarcuts Inc., Digo & the Crazy 88s

Friday, November 28, 2008

Guess Who's Back?

And doin' reggae! The amazing Heavy D, with a cameo from Nia Long!

A little like Shaggy but he pulled it off well. And YES he's Jamaican!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Jesse Boykins III