Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Knight & Day

Finally watched Dark Knight lastnight and it changed my world. The moral parallels a lot of themes I've been dealing with about what is good, bad, or beyond both. Felt like I got the 'golden ticket'! So now that I do, I'm passing go on all this b.s.

The real hero is an ordinary person. He's Clark Kent in the newsroom. She's the mother we under appreciate. They are the children who just wanna play outside. I'm done talking about powers and supernatural capabilities. I'm tired of being another crazy artist. It shouldn't be an excuse for being self-absorbed, inconsistent, narcissistic, and insane. How dare we look at these mainstream cats and accuse them of half the things they do when we turn around and do the same stuff. And just because we are 'conscious' doesn't mean we are aware or truly care for others. I'd trade in my last chi ball if it came between me and my niggaz. And if that means I'm no longer one of the 144,000 (lol) then I'll just have to find my bliss here on Earth. F' knowledge! 
All I need is laughter!

The real power is inner alchemy.

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