Tuesday, January 20, 2009

In Light of It All

Nothing is set in stone. It is impossible to KNOW, ANYTHING, FOR CERTAIN. In fact, to cling onto 'knowing' is to limit one's self. 'God' does not exist in limitation. And we would drive ourselves crazy attempting to be all knowing like The Almighty. I ride where the people go. I donot bend to their wishes but I value their concerns.

We have all learned much from this past year's political events. I can say that I have learned a lot about myself. Politics can bring out the best and worst in people because at the roots of the matter we all are passionate about our values and our dreams. I had a dream. But after this past weekend I have realized that underneath that dream was fear. I'm not talking about Obama. I am talking about myself and the obstacles I was too proud to acknowledge. These obstacles are not what ordinary people would consider huge, but for me, they are as big as any. They aren't about saving a nation, helping a world, being a queen, or riding on a high horse. They are about family, focus, and personal respect. I have realized that to truly be a goddess is to take care of the most basic of things, not for the world, but for one's self. Because we deserve it and because that is the duty we have to ourselves. Simple, cut and dry. I am laying down my childish ways because I am no longer a child. And as an adult we do not have the luxury to run away from our responsibilities. We owe it to the others around us to contribute to the collective with positive words, constructive comments, and at times, no comment at all. We as adults understand that giving over our hopes, dreams, and responsibilities to one man or a group of men is negligent and disrespectful; not only to ourselves but to the greater good. We would only be doing a disservice to the person, people, and principles we hold so high. 

I stand now, happily in the middle. On one hand there is a mass of smiling folk, joyous, and ready for the renewal of an empire. On the other hand I see a quiet and scattered lot who reach for the ways of a forgotten time and who want freedom in all its multi-dimensional glory. I reach too. And I feel sad about the many who label those particular ideas as counter productive because both are right. We all want the same thing. We simply desire to go about it differently. The Black Diaspora is indeed diverse. Our cultures come in every shade and hue. Our ideas and solutions are as varied today as they were before, during, and post-slavery. The time to break free from that slave mind has always been now, in order that we see life's happenings as symbols to learn from instead of ditches to fall in. Yes,  I have uttered many negative words toward the ulterior motives and reasons behind our president's rise to office. And I stand firmly in questioning the funders, backers, and invisible hands that play chess with our lives. But I can see now that a self-righteous attitude won't help the people and it damn sure doesn't help me. To the core I love the people and have looked upon them as the inspiration for much of my personal growth. Looking now, on the millions cheering together I see where their dreams lie and what they still hold to be true. What they need to see and believe in, in order to make leaps toward freeing themselves from mental bondage. High Science is not a common reference point for most. They are not Moors, Nuwabians, or Panthers. They are folks who need this and have galvanized these events to come to pass. They have spoken...so we must listen. But as adults, we still have a responsibility to ourselves to walk, not blindly into the future, but level headed, and committed to overcoming obstacles big or small, while assisting the ones who cannot. The days of screaming conscious ideology to the masses is over. 
Feel is the new Know  
Now, back to One.

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