Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Life Lessons: Double Edition

In light of my failure to update the Life Lessons for a month, I'm hittin' y'all with two quality lessons to live by.
Lesson #5

If you are breaking it off and/or escaping from a spouse/stalker, DON'T TELL THEM WHERE YOU'RE RELOCATING! Matter of fact, even before you leave, act like nothing is wrong! I ain't namin names but some of you folk just don't think. They are psycho, resourceful, and extremely determined. A lethal combination that could no doubt ruin your rep., accounts, and several communication outlets. Next thing you know you're stuck in a motel with your phone shut off, in tears, freestyling over a bottle of Hennessy. If you plannin' to get ghost do like the smart slave and yessum til they think it's okay to leave you alone. Then you run like the hounds are on you!

Lesson #6

Never trust any Reverend whose last name is Popoff. That could mean several things and none of 'em sound religious to me. Who needs church anyway, when you've got the shower and the toilet.

Always worked for me...I'm just sayin'.

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