Thursday, February 12, 2009

There're Games Beyond The Game

Sonia Barrett
Please listen to both of these videos

Multidimensional; ever existing in a series of consecutive beats. Light, color, sound. Feeling. Feelings. Reaching beyond the limitation toward the ever existing. Positivity is just that. The Go. Just as there is a good and bad, there is a Beyond. The concept that nothing is truly bad. Everything is necessary. No longer dwelling within the relm of right and wrong. The process. As you have requested it. It is known to you just as all things are known. Wake up. Reach out. Go. Beyond.

Feed your heart. Take the goodness to your heart. Take it all in. It is truly humbling. It strikes me like a heavy blow. It strikes me every time. Like a great gust of wind. Like a burning fire. Like climbing a hill and meeting god at its peak.

As a child my greatest fear was amnesia. I was deathly afraid that if I lost my memory I would be doomed to repeat mistakes I made. How else besides the mind, could we remember what not to do? Fixated on remembering so as to keep myself in check. From making mistakes. To reach perfection. And as I grew up I became accustomed to never letting go; to remember and be tortured by those memories. Scare tactics. But the mind is not the source. The heart needs transforming. Then came the desire to make it as if it never were. ...Sunshine of the spotless mind. But the mind is not the source. The heart needs transforming. The soul...the Eternal Sunshine.

Multidimensional; ever expanding; bliss barer. Performing that Blue Light Special. Running on that pure flame. Dwelling in abundance. Moving forward. This is not all there is. This is just a cycle like every other cycle we ever experience in our process of learning. This too is a cycle. And we at anytime can accept the challenge of releasing, allowing, and organically manifesting through our pure will. The dream is the vision but the hard work is in the process. Peep game and be prepared. Release and allow.

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