Sunday, February 8, 2009

Fashion Video: Charles Hamilton?

Skimming through Vimeo (my new shit) and saw the thumbnail of this clip. I said to myself, "Self...that kid looks like Charles Hamilton wearing those headphones like that." So I played the video and lo! It was. Fashion Video is a video series which features artist in various styles.

Fashion Video from Seth Bernstein on Vimeo.
Kinda weird with all the geeked out dancing...but I respect his conviction. I also applaud the image consistency. These times are crucial in an artist's rise. Branding is no joke playa! That's why we the viewers can even spot the silhouette of well known, well branded celebs. Can become clique but you gotta do it in the beginning. I can hear a few irate friends already but hey, I'm on my positive shit right now. Leave the hate in '08. lol! Corny but real.
I think this is what Claude must look like when no one's watching.

FYI, I'm forever in love with BK. Home first, the world can wait....just alittle while.

Charles Hamilton - Brooklyn Girl from Kidd Izzo on Vimeo.

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