Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Birth of Venus

An excerpt from untitled novel by me.

…She was somewhere between sand and dirt, grass and cold concrete. As she stooped down to the ground grabbing the earth, panting, like a panther prepared to pounce; her belly bulged. She was pregnant with Time, both past and future. She was the millisecond. [LU1] Eyes smoldering, her lips parted to let the heat in her chest cool off. But it only cooled for so long. She looked out at times to come and the heat grew so hot it wrapped around the molars in her mouth, attached to her tongue, and sparked her taste buds to call forth saliva. But the burning didn’t stop. Fire huffed out of her nose and she became inflamed. Her purpose was realized, her butterflies flew free, and her fears became God in practice.

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More to come.

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