Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Air Element

People come in, people come out...You make a connection one day and the next the bridge is burnt. Nothing is sticking. Everything is up in the air. So I figure I'll float too.
I'm leaving here shortly. It just doesn't feel right. I'll most-likely go to a small town called Kumily, north of here. That...or maybe Alleppey, I don't really know yet. I think that's what this situation is all about. Not knowing, not being certain, comfortable, around like-minded people, and the list goes on. I've got over a month to get answers. Not really sure of the questions though.
And so it goes...


KrystalMonique said...

Wherever you go please be u much! Float HOME!

Claude said...

It's a beautiful experience to go through the ups and downs. That's how you learn things in life. Hope you find what you're searching for.