Sunday, September 14, 2008

Bon Voyage

Scribbled words in my Dream Book that I almost can't make out; A pamphlet to the Ashram in Kollam; a few sweet words  from close friends...I can't say that I'm ready because there is no way to be ready for this type of step. But I'm making it anyway.

Following my listening party I'll be hopin' on a plane to Mumbai, catching a connecting flight to Cochin, and then getting in a small "car" for another grueling 4 hours. My destination is Kollam, Southern India, by the Backwaters where the river meets the ocean. A small ancient town where using elephants as a mode of transportation is the norm. A quiet place where I hope to find answers to strange memories that fade in and out of focus. Here's to new mornings and clearer days!


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