Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Eastern Stars

In Kerala, family is important. And in Kumily I came to understand how two families can show mad love to a total stranger.

The First family was an extremely poor Hindu family who lived next door to my homestay. Whatever they could give me they gave. It's about a peoples character...not their caste.

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But the Raj of all families has to be the Jans! A middle class Muslim family, the Jans own a business run by their amazing son Akbar Ali. From four hour conversations about life, the world, and spirituality, to laughing in the living room over black tea and poori. They have given me more than a girl could ask for and I miss being a member of their family. Now they are members of mine. (From the top: Baba, Mamma Mumtaaz, my big sister Bismi, and Ali!)

The young Krishna, Ali. A gem in my heart

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